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Scarless Facelift

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TOLEDOmed’s less invasive Scarless Facelift procedure.

ToledoMed Scarless Facelift use Suture Method to restore the natural proportions, volumes, and angles of the face by raising the face tissues. As a significantly less invasive procedure, where the sutures actually dissolve and are reabsorbed in the skin, the aim is to achieve better aesthetic results, with less scarring.


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Jessica Marasigan

Thank you ToledoMed for making me feel and look beautiful! Never have i felt more confident in my own skin ✨

Jessica Marasigan
John Carlo Alcantara

Thank you to TOLEDOmed Skin & Body Centre and Dr. Toledo for my weekly treatments. People ask me what do I do to take care of my skin, and its all thanks to @toledomed. Be sure to visit any one of their branches. All throughout Manila 🙏😊

John Carlo Alcantara
Aiza Faeldonia

I Only trust Toledomed ..

Aiza Faeldonia

Scarless Faceless Procedure:

Scarless Facelift use percutaneous skeletal fixation of movable fascias without incisions. In Brazil it is known as fio elastico, used to correct early ptosis and flabbiness in areas of face and body. ToledoMed use suture suspension techniques described to lift and to form volume, to correct the position of soft tissue without traditional incisions.
The techniques consist of passing closed sutures, by needle perforations only, to lift movable fascias and fix them to non movable skeletal structures  in several facial and body areas:
In face areas: total ambulatory SMAS Lift, temporal and supra-temporal suture SMAS lift, scarless brow suture lift, lateral cantus lifting, mid face suture lift, cheekbone lift and augmentation, lower smas-platysma face and neck lift using skin perforations only or by using hidden retro-lobular incisions, chin enhancement, form and position correction by suture, Serdev sutures for: nasal tip refinement; nasal tip rotation; nasal alar base narrowing, scarless Serdev suture method in prominent ears, chin dimples and smiling dimples by suture, permanent block of glabela muscles etc.
In body areas: scarless breast lift by suture and needle perforations only, scarless buttock lift by suture, abdominal flaccidity tightening by sutures, scarless inner thigh lift.

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