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ToledoVita Restoration and Reconstruction

ToledoVita injector is a multi-injector drug delivery system that can be operated easily and accurately through a 10.4-inch touch monitor, all procedures from water injection to PRP to liposuction.

ToledoVita injector is capable to tailored treatment by adjustable and customizable option to inject exact depths and volumes.


– Treatment area on the face : about 32,800 mm2
– Treatment area: 225 mm2 (15mm x 15mm)
– Treatable shot count for whole face: about 145 shots

Skin Rejuvenation

The New Generation of PNXR growth factor activating agent

Safe, medicinal ingredients-free, rich in growth factors for skin revival


Rich in PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotide); the nucleotide raw materials were extracted from salmon DNA.

It is an ingredient that closely aligns with human DNA (up to a sequence identify of 98%).


Not only It can be used to treat cell and tissue damage, combat inflammation, but it is also able to directly tackle the skin aging problems.

PNXR is capable of stimulating skin cells into producing abundant amounts of elastic, HA, collagen, and facial skin revival activating factors.

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