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Professional Revenue Generating System

  • Acne Treatment: Pustule, knot boils, allergy, pimples, acne, improve oily skin, fine acne scar
  • Skin Care: Skin Rejuvenation, face lifting, improve skin fatigue, dumb yellow, dark, thoroughly remove the skin garbage
  • oxygen supplement, add nutrition, improve wrinkles, improve bags under the eyes, dark circles, eye fine wrinkles
  • Improve seborrheic alopecia effectively, combined drug to treatment alopecia areata, neurological hair loss, hair care
  • Improve the skin allergy state, remove the skin allergies
  • Clear mites
  • Deep cleaning pores, regular the balance of skin water and oil
  • For pidermal cooling after exfoliation and non-stripping treatment


Synergy+ is a Most Innovative Skin Care System integrating 4 technologies for Complete

Facial Package for WOW Effect :

Vaccum Bubble Clean (Hydra Facial): When the treatment tip contacts the skin, vaccum starts to work & sucks the aquatic solutions to reach the surface of skin where lots of minute bubbles are formed from specially designed channels of a tip.

CO2 Geneo : It is inspired by the healing powers of Natural Hot Springs. As it is known for the high concentration of CO2 that helps stimulate & produce more oxygenation in skin because of BOHR effect. CO2 Geneo produces countless minute CO2 bubbles which gently burst on the skin surface by degasing the CO2 bubbles from the gel.

High Concentration CO2 triggers a body response & oxygenate the skin naturally, which is generated from within that sends more & more oxygen to the skin.

MultiPolar RF : The Controlled RF energy targets skin surface & subcutaneous fat which regenerates collagen fibres in the dermis layer to achieve Firming of Skin.

UltraCosmo : The Ultrasound energy in synergy with cosmetics is induced by controlling the infusion speed of liquid with No Discomfort for Deeper Penetration of Active Molecules.

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