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Dr. Librado N. Toledo Jr.

The expert behind TOLEDOmed, also known as Dr. “T” is passionate about transforming the lives of people by helping each individual boost their confidence and be the best versions of themselves. He never stops from becoming better in his field.


When Dr. Toledo, a practicing Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgeon in Manila first opened TOLEDOmed in Koronadal City back in 2008, he was not prepared for the prestige, awards and precious trust his clinic would receive. He has been a recipient of Gold Brand Heroes Award for his passion and dedication in the business, National Customer’s Choice Annual Awards for his continuous excellence and improvement of the craft, Top Choice Awards for his contributions to the Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Industry and Best Choice Awards.

The company philosophy to provide the highest standard of service and expertise using the latest, top of the line technology available allowed Dr. Toledo to flourish and be recognized as an industry leader even when Aesthetic Medicine is not as widely accepted as it is today. Enough to be recognized as a prestigious Superbrand, a brand that is most outstanding in its field.


Born Librado Toledo Jr., Dr. Toledo had his own share of hardships.

Before granting “Happily Ever Afters” through Aesthetic Medicine, he also had to work for his own beautiful dreams and aspirations.

The doctor is a living testament that with hard work, passion and an unwavering tenacity to pursue your dreams, anyone can overcome the direst of circumstances and achieve success.

At age seven, he started selling vegetables from a small farm his family owned in South Cotabato. He peddled vegetables in wet markets and even in the streets to help support his family. Day in and day out, he toiled in their farm and rode a carabao wagon for transport. His days as a highschool student consisted of managing a small carinderia and sari-sari store where he sold coffee, ground rice he made with his bare hands and sticky rice so he can have a daily allowance for school.

One fateful day, in the midst of harvesting rice in a field of hay and soil, Toledo experienced some kind of skin allergy, rendering him with unsightly bumps and irritations all over his body. Turned out he was allergic to hay. It was at this moment when he realized what he wanted and was capable of becoming someday: a good doctor. This was a dream that he was willing to put everything in the line for, so with resolute conviction, he told his father his vision and they risked selling their farm to make this vision a reality.

His father sold most of their farming land to send him to college. He took Medical Technology in the Far Eastern University and later had his Degree in Medicine from De La Salle University. But it did not get easier from there. There were times when he borrowed money from classmates and friends just so he can continue his studies. He wasn’t one whom you would call intelligent but Dr. Toledo had photographic memory and was smart enough to understand concepts and teachings in just one sitting.

After passing the board exam, it still was not a walk on the park from there. He has to spend 48 to 72 hours moonlighting so as he can save enough money for his true passion: Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery.

When he was able to save some in 2008, Dr. Toledo arranged for an installment plan with the school. He also opened his first clinic in Manila which is actually his room in a condominium in Makati.

Not long after getting his certifications, friends and clients in South Cotabato asked Dr. Toledo to have an Aesthetic clinic in Koronadal. In just a year, TOLEDOmed already needed to expand to accommodate the rapid growth of its clientele.

Dr. Toledo became the go-to Cosmetic Surgeon of well-known politicians, popular celebrities, professionals, businessmen and people with high social status.

On its second year, TOLEDOmed already has 4 branches across the nation and is being endorsed by well-known celebrities. Dr. Toledo also studied Cosmetic Surgery in Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery in 2010 to not only improve his craft but also cultivate his passion and expertise.

This very same passion and drive did not allow him to stop from there.

He trained under the President of the Society of Anti-Aging Medicine when he went to Germany and Belgium.

Today, and 5 clinics later, Dr. Toledo may have become a Golden Globe Awardee and one of the best Asian Doctors in the industry, but his passion in transforming lives by helping individuals be the best version of themselves still remain unchanged.


With an hectare of their land divided into 44 lots and put on sale for his tuition fees, Toledo begun his tertiary education as a Medical Technology student in the Far Eastern University (FEU) of the Philippines, a thousand miles away from his home. After gaining his diploma from FEU, he would continue his education at the De La Salle University in Dasmarines, Cavite to obtain a Doctorate Degree in Medicine. As a student, he relied on his smarts and a photographic memory that enabled him to quickly understand and remember information in great detail.

There were times when no one was buying their land so he had to borrow money from his classmates who lived in posh apartments with luxury cars while he stayed in a small and faraway residence commuting in a tricycle on a daily basis. Still, like Toledo has done his whole life, he strived hard with his studies and was able to graduate as a Medical Doctor and eventually pass the board exams.

In his pursuit to achieve his ultimate dream of attaining a diploma for Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery not only in the Philippines but abroad, he juggled multiple jobs, moonlighting for 48 to 72 hours so he can earn money. With the small amount of savings he had in 2008, he was  able to bargain for an installment plan with a Dermatology teaching school. This was also the year Dr. Toledo opened his very own clinic in his condominium in Makati. The very same room served as both his clinic at day and his residence at night.

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